Dec 29, 2009

I am the drum line

Everyone knows, and can see, that music invokes a response from us. Whether it is a healthy or destructive response, music reaches inside of us and pulls out what we desire to be passionate about in that moment. Its created for that purpose and different people respond to different types of music.

Over the years, I have appreciated many different styles of music. However, I have realized that I am mostly drawn to anything with a good beat. It causes something in me to want to react to it. One part of me is a bit feisty and somewhat of a fighter. I am not a physical fighter...I don't beat people up.

That being said, I won't back down from an argument husband can attest to that! I don't often roll over and let someone walk all over me. During my 15th and 16th year...I found myself in a confrontational season of life at high school, at home and with God. On one occasion a girl from high school gathered her friends, surrounded me and attempted to intimidate me verbally, in hopes that I would end my “relationship” with a guy. Most girls would have sheepishly said nothing...not I. I stood up for myself and was a little ballsy. I threw in a few smart comments in to my “conversation” with them. Like I said...a bit feisty.

Having a bit of that feisty quality in me, I find I enjoy music that stirs up the fighter within me. Thankfully through loving Jesus, He has been able to channel that in a healthy way for me. It has been wonderful with working out many different feelings with God. It has worked well with how I pray and how I worship. Lots of worship music stirs my spirit...but nothing more instantly like a loud drum line or African drum beat in a song. It stirs up the warrior in me. The warrior who wants to battle injustice, contend for freedom for everyone, break through to be a better me. It's important to know ourselves. To know why we make the choices we do. I like drum lines and African drum beats....because I am feisty...because I am a fighter...because I am a warrior. What about you?

Oct 27, 2009

Bustin' A Move!

I have always been somewhat fearful of dancing and yet, at the same time, there has always been a deep desire within me to bust out and get my funky groove on.

I've always been drawn to tv, movies and songs that allow me live out my dancing dreams through other people. I spent many hours as a young girl dancing in my bedroom. I have also sat on the sideline at many family weddings, wishing I had the courage to be free and not care what other people thought of my dance moves. For many years I just focused on the physicality of to move my feet, my hips, my arms. And that always scared the beegeebees out of me!

But now, in my 32nd year of living, my views of dance have been changing. I can now see more clearly the similarities between dance and life...with God and people. Dance incorporates trust, intimacy, unity, vulnerability, strength, joy, peace and laughter. All the things I desire in my relationships with people and my God.

I am on a journey with God. We have been dancing the waltz of life together for years. We have been developing our style, and I have been learning to let Him lead. As all of this has been happening with Him, my freedom has grown and has been seen in my physical life.

And wouldn't you know it...I have even busted a move on a few dance floors!